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If you cannot pluck up bad ideas by the root, or cure long-standing evils to your heart’s content, you must not therefore abandon the commonwealth. Don’t give up the ship in a storm because you cannot hold back the winds. . . . What you cannot turn to good, you may at least make as little bad as possible.

Thomas More, Utopia

From the introduction:

Like all the products of history, one day capitalism will end, or rather slowly turn into a new system, and this will happen when the conditions that determined its origin two centuries ago have completely changed. But, apart from the fact that none of us will live long enough to see this novel system, we cannot place too much hope in the idea that it will be a better one. This is because capitalism has much in common with the even more brutal and unjust systems that preceded it, while the elements of novelty that characterize it will hardly regress to the point of disappearing.